EPR has a project excellence orientation with leadership roles at Independent Power Producers, Developers, and EPC Contractors.  Our perspective is owner-oriented, and methods are time-tested.  All our services are adaptations of a strategy to exert influence through leadership, subject-matter knowledge, and discipline during the construction process to get the best plant possible for an owner.  This approach reduces risk and cost for all parties.

Typical services can be as simple as providing the ideal person for a specific acute problem, a few individuals for routine owner/client support, or programmatic where an entire team is provided including EPR oversight, procedures, and processes.  As projects progress, demands on a team evolve, so we adapt.  Every client’s situation is different and is respected by EPR for the uniqueness of the challenge.

Regardless of the specific service, all individuals mobilized from EPR carry our basic culture that emphasizes a proactive, hands-on, engagement style that can best be described as personal responsibility.  This is a sharp contrast to typical owner representation, which is consultative and the antithesis of personal responsibility.  EPR’s construction experience allows us to appreciate that field teams sometimes need to be backstopped with real-time home-office decision support to shorten evaluation/solution cycles for complex problems.

Project Management (Mega-scale)

Projects beyond a couple Billion USD, often experience issues related to scale that drives managerial complexity.  These projects may benefit from creative and specialized services by EPR where we leverage our large-project experience with the surgical use of SLATE as a data-oriented platform to supplement our overall improvement strategy.  Generally, SLATE based work is covered under our Completion services, but use of the platform is excellent as an incremental construction improvement tool through an ongoing EPR-driven process we call “Effectiveness Evaluation”.

Project Management

EPR is an expert at working with an owner to collaboratively define the requirements and actions for EPR representation.  The site team is assembled based on the owner requirements and the unique project specifics that will define the member qualifications.  Typically, EPR’s field teams are self-sufficient in all aspects of project execution but tethered into our home-office for active yet periodic support.  Generally, our project management services include:

Project Leader/Manager
Project Procedures and Systems
Schedule Development/Monitoring
Progress Measurement
Professional Reporting
Quality Management
Safety Management
Contracts Administration

Construction Management

Nothing replaces the effectiveness of engaged field-level observation and oversight to assure a properly constructed, erected, and completed plant.  To support CM oversight, a variety of quality services are available, yet for project execution EPR recommends mobilizing as a minimum experienced site quality managers and inspectors to assure proper practices are used and documented during construction, in real-time and with transparency.  EPR’s construction management of an EPC Contractor or discipline subcontractors could involve a mix of people:

Construction Manager/Leader
Discipline Superintendents
Subject Matter Experts
QC Field Inspectors
Safety Superintendents
Construction Auditors


EPR’s commissioning approach can be described as a process of “pulling” systems from construction.  Our teams start early by assisting pre-construction with work-to-completion lists and acceptance of partial systems to do anything reasonable to accelerate the completion schedule.  With EPR’s strong ench of commissioning professionals, clients can expect a very organized and productive approach to completion.  Typically, EPR’s commissioning teams expect to deliver:

Commissioning Plans
Commissioning Procedures
System Boundary Scoping
Commissioning Schedules                          
Manpower & Consumable Budgets
Turnover Package Preparation
Operator Manuals & Training
Implement O&M LOTO