Some of EPR's diverse capabilities and engagements are highlighted below. This list is not comprehensive but is representative of the types of work performed in the past.  Your immediate concerns may not be specifically identified below, but EPR is exceptional at diagnosing and positively affecting outcomes in the face of very complex project challenges. 

A few of the represented assignments demanded EPR’s specialized project restructuring expertise together with an excellent team and a cerebral approach to diagnosis and correcting problems where the difficulty of scale demanded complex supporting systems (SLATE).

On a more routine basis, EPR services cover the full gamut of project construction management, commissioning, and quality programs for heavy industrial construction projects.

Assignment Location Year(s)
Mechanical Completion Verification and Claim Development
A freshly completed facility exhibited concerning operational instability.  EPR initially assessed the $3.4B plant and determined it suffered from poor construction and ineffective commissioning practices.  EPR conceptualized and instituted a system to evaluate the as-found detailed defects in a repeatable, scalable, and standards based program.  The effort comprised of about 3,000,000 defects, including about 100 very serious commissioning related lapses, totaling a ~$400mm claim to the EPC Contractor.  Managed remediation of many critical defects and an overall facility performance improvement program.
Saudi Arabia 2011-14
Biomass Commissioning
Provided most of the commissioning personnel for a 40MW greenfield biomass plant.  Included routine field commissioning for mechanical, electrical, I&C, and other equipment specialties.  This support continued into early operations and involved many plant upgrades and evolutions during the early O&M wring-out period.
Northeast, USA 2013-15
LNG Commissioning
Supplemented an owners team to complete the commissioning of an LNG terminal.  Included routine process reviews and field completion oversight.  Prepared facility for first-delivery of LNG at the offload pier/berth.
Panama 2018
Final Punchlist
Provided the systems, personnel, supervision, and know-how to create codes/standards/specification punchlist in a nearly completed greenfield coal plant (2x600MW).  Approximately a dozen different disciplines were evaluated and the structured/scalable process invented by EPR yielded a fully defensible list of approximately 2,000,000 defects.  The priced and prioritized list was used by the client to negotiate improved completion of important details and commercial leverage needed to favorably close-out the project with the EPC Contractor.  The EPR team remained engaged to oversee the repairs and completion of priority items.
Vietnam 2015-17
Biomass OEM Representative
Provided personnel to oversee field operations and tuning of a biomass co-generation boiler at a greenfield ethanol facility.  Involved working with unique constraints during late-stage commissioning due to the close-coupled nature of the ethanol process plant.
Midwest, USA 2015
Defect Assessments
Created an area assessment approach to delivering a rich content, +/-30% priced, notification letters of deficiencies.  Notifications of approximately 600 areas in a large greenfield coal plant provided an opening basis for a discussion with the EPC Contractor about the deficient nature of their performance and the ROM (rough order of magnitude) commercial value to remedy the concerns.  EPR's work was critcial in getting commercial closure on the project.
Vietnam 2015
Engineering Support
Provided highly experienced electrical engineering review and resolution of serious issues with greenfield facility design that showed up very late in the construction process.  Worked with internal design staff and owner's commissioning team to affect the changes in an environment that was unusually "defensive"...  Resulted in pragmatic but technically accurate changes that did not delay commissioning or the project end date.
Northeast, USA 2014
Final Punchlist
Mobilized team and systems to Asia to perform EPR's unique large-scale punchlist on a greeefield CCGT facility.  Engagement resulted in about 100,000 defects that were referenced to the project requirements.  This service was performed with the second beta version of what would later become SLATE.
Singapore 2015
CCGT Commissioning
EPC Contractor was having difficulty completing electrical and piping work at a greenfield CCGT plant.  Owner was concerned and EPR mobilized commissioning manager, electrical and piping construction supervision, and electrical commissioning lead to supplement existing owner's team and proactively assist contractor to focus on completion and problem resolution.
Midwest, USA 2017
Pipeline Quality Auditing
Canadian oil and gas transportation company implemented a construction quality program to improve the construction details thereby reducing risk on their greenfield pipeline projects.  EPR principals had been involved in a similarly unique construction auditing programs in the past.  The auditors needed to support this program were not readily available, so EPR developed a competency based metric to evaluate candidates and was very successful providing this client with exceptional auditors.
Canada 2013-16
Coal Commissioning
Provided support personnel to an owner's commissioning team in Vietnam on a greenfield 2x600MW coal plant.  Focused largely on system completion and oversight of EPC contractor commissioning of same systems.  Included ash systems and ash pond facilities.


Construction, Safety, and Commissioning Oversight
Support personnel to owner's team at a greenfield 2x660 supercritical coal plant.  One aspect included direct involvement in lifting and rigging safety to prevent injury and fatalities.  Supported construction manager with field superintendents to guide and oversee various contractor erection activities.  Turnover support and work to completion activities in support of commissioning of plant to achieve project schedule objectives.
India 2016-19
Acquisition Consulting
Evaluated project risk of a 1,000MW CCGT that was early in construction and headed for a bankruptcy process.  Presented benchmark construction costs, quality concerns, execution strategy options with cost weighted risks, schedule review and identified "restart" risk of key suppliers, among other metrics.
Mexico 2017
Source Inspections (Various)
Provided CTG shop inspection services on two new units for a Canadian client.  Provided inspection report that detailed observations, witness points observed, among other details.  Similarly, EPR has been involved in receiving inspection of 65km ofdefective 8" Chinese manufactured piping, after a competitors shop inspectors indicated among months of periodic shop reports that everything was in conformance.  Unfortunately, the inspections EPR performed indicated that essentially all the coatings that were supposedly applied to the contract codes and standards were in-fact vastly defective and needed to be removed and re-applied.
Vietnam 2015
O&M Assessment
Developed methodology to benchmark a 3rd-party operating company at a new plant based on a known set of operations and maintenance standards (EPRI).  Provided a written assessment to the owner which was the basis of a strategic change in O&M approach that led to vastly improved conduct of operations.
Northeast, USA 2014
Construction Evaluation
Hired by an existing client to evaluate their internal performance on a complex chemical plant addition.  Performed detailed baseline review, a cumulative impact assessment due to tremendous change activity that affected progress, a litigation strategy, and change order review of a subcontractor dismissed for poor performance.
Southern, USA 2014
Desalination Restructuring/Completion Advisory
Performed Owner-side assessment of mid-course execution trouble project valued at $1B. Inidcated key impediments to success, possible remadial options, and resulting COD expectations. Provided options for a full EPR lead restructuring (Change Agent). Supported Owner with a partial solution by adding an experinced team of field construction and commissioning staff.
Chile 2019-20
HFO Powerplant (Owner)
Principal prior to EPR, lead green-field project to construct a 1,400 MW, Thermal HFO, $2.5B, Chinese EPC project built to International Codes & Standards, while being Western bank financed. Managed complex execution dynamics with Chinese and other stakeholders while maintaining a high quality, cost, and schedule targets.
Saudi Arabia 2010
Power Development Advisory
Principal prior to EPR, provided strategic approaches and development level planning for captive power stations (10,000 MW) in support of a $40B multi-country mega-smelter initiative.
Dubai, UAE 2008
Combined Cycle Power (EPCM)
PDirector (Principal prior to EPR) 2,100 MW (6x4), $1.5B power project including all aspects of strategy, planning, team selection, procurement, and execution as part of a larger mega-smelter greenfield construction program.
Abu Dhabi, UAE 2007
Combined Cycle Power (Greenfield)
Directed/managed 1,025 MW (4x2), $550mm, project execution including acquisition support, engineering, construction, and major vendors as owner/EPC contractor including overseeing commissioning and project transition to commercial operation. Achieved record completion time, while maintaining the company’s highest quality and safety scores.
TX, USA 2000
Columbia (Change Agent)
Restructure a badly managed and poorly progressing 640 MW (2x1 Cogen), $550mm, cost-plus project by assertive methods with existing recalcitrant general contractor. Evolved to a fixed-price contract conversion and on-time, under-budget, completion of the facility without litigation or bad relations.
SC, USA 2003
Tiverton (Change Agent)
Restructured power project involving a bankrupt EPC contractor, lenders that stopped payment, financially devastated subs, recalcitrant union labor, and terrible team morale and performance. Against all expectations, project finished on-time and under budget with high quality/safety. Established project disciplined, instituted emergency financial controls, hired new contractors, and managed cash-flow to subs to skirt many impending bankruptcy and lien issues.
RI, USA 2002
Los Esteros (Change Agent)
Appointed to replace existing management. ‘Saved’ at risk project expected to miss very lucrative and highly political power delivery contract date. Provided discipline and leadership. Re-made team, removed contractors, improved culture, and implemented a high-energy goal-focused mindset. Project completed on-time with highly improved financials, quality, and safety benchmarks.
CA, USA 2000
Bethpage (Greenfield)
Directed/managed cohesive and highly productive field engineering and owner self-perform contracting team that excelled in all facets of project execution. With inflexible NYC area union labor completed the project in record time and significantly under budget while maintaining very high quality and safety standards.
NY, USA 2005