Staff Augmentation


Owner/Clients often prefer to provide their own project and commissioning managers.  EPR is accustomed to supporting those leaders with proven, cost-effective, independents to fill out their teams.  This model works well with EPR, because candidate selection is based on the leader’s priorities and personal style, and this approach is highly adaptable as project requirements and workload evolve.

Supplementing a client-leader with accomplished and experienced independents offers attractive advantages, including lower overall cost, selection based on expertise/experience, and the ability to rapidly mobilize/demobilize individuals to support variable project demands.

Project Management

EPR understands leadership is the differentiating skill necessary for an individual to be considered as a project manager.  EPR’s project management staff are among the most accomplished in the industry with a demonstrated track record, steady leadership, and decision-making qualities.

Project Manager
QA/QC Manager
Safety Manager
Commercial Mgr.

Doc. Control Mgr.

Construction Management

EPR often mobilizes individuals to augment or fully manage a prime contractor or a group of trade contractors.  Typically, this might include discipline field superintendents in combination with a mix of quality and safety management.

Construction Manager
Site Superintendent
Mech. Field Engineer
Elec. Field Engineer
I&C Field Engineer
Civil Field Engineer
Q/C Inspector
Safety Inspector


EPR offers individuals or a comprehensive team to support an owner/client with self-perform commissioning or in a contractor oversight role.

Commissioning Manager
Lead Discipline Engineer
LOTO Coordinator
Discipline Technician
Turnover Coordinator
Control Room Operator


Sometimes an urgent need for specialized assistance occurs.  Given EPR’s project-oriented background, finding the precise individual or solution to a problem is second nature.

Construction Auditor
Codes Specialist
Engineering Support
Water Chemistry
Systems/Data Expert
Punchlist Team
Warranty Manager
Coatings Specialist
Claim Manager